Dear Comrade in Arms

We publish this unknown letter which, in January 1908, Siege of Baler Spanish soldiers Marcelo Adrián and Emilio Fabregat wrote to Corporal Jesús García Quijano. They recommend the steps that all members of the Detachment Number 2 should take so that the possibility that their pension increases up to 2 pesetas per day becomes a reality. Since they returned from Baler until they could finally see approved a law that -for their comrade Felipe Castillo implied the nickname of ‘Ten Pennies’-, almost a decade had already elapsed. The letter says:

Madrid, January 10th, 1908

Our dear comrade in arms:

We assume that you will be aware of the bill that was presented to Congress by Mr. Llorens proposing to grant us a pension of two pesetas a day. Well, the Committee of Recognitions and Pensions voted favorably and it was approved in the November 28th session. It must now be approved in a final vote to turn the bill into law.

It seems to us that we should all do what we here recommend. First, to write to Mr. Llorens thanking him for how much interest he has shown in our favor and to strongly ask him to continue to do so until his project succeeds. Secondly, each and every one of us must plead to his District Deputy to become interested on this matter so that it is included in the Congress’ agenda for its approval.

Many are those to whom we should be thankful, but for now we just recommend our views to you in case you consider them convenient.

Your comrades in arms, who never forget you, look forward to your response.

Marcelo Adrián-Emilio Fabregat

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