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Based in Madrid, Jesús Valbuena is an internationally-experienced journalist and communications specialist. He has lived and worked for several firms in the United States, P.R. of China and The Philippines, where he traveled to Baler for the first time in 1993.

He is the great-grandson of Corporal Jesús García Quijano, the first Spanish soldier who was wounded on June 30, 1898, during the first day of the Siege.

In 2003, he wrote and directed the TV report ‘The Sons of Baler’ for the Spanish public network TVE. Since then, he has participated in numerous events on Philippine relations in a wide variety of media.

In 2004, he promoted the Sisterhood Agreement between the province of Palencia (where Corporal García Quijano was born and buried) and the province of Aurora, an act aimed at developing new areas of collaboration and exchange of experiences.

In 2005, Valbuena was actively engaged with the visit of the Spanish Minister of Defense José Bono to Baler and with the promotion of the first-ever collective homenage to ‘Los últimos’ in Barcelona.

That year, he was recipient of the Cross of Military Merit with white distinction as a recognition for his efforts in fostering stronger Philippine-Spanish ties.

He was also proclaimed Adopted Son of the Municipality of Baler for “serving in his own ways as a bridge towards the continued relations between Spain and the Philippines” and for “his personal capacity to preserve the history of the Siege”.

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